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Willow, was the beautiful 19 year old girl who answered an erotic and emotionally charged ad that Reed, the 49 year old ex navy seal turned writer, had posted on line looking for a very “special” kind of girl.

After trading a few risqué emails and equally risqué pictures the two of them planned a romantic dinner. The dinner was romantic, but the “dessert” they shared in the hotel room later that night, was far from innocent.

In the following months, these two taboo lovers professed their love for each other. As the months trickled on, it was Willow who eventually ghosted her infatuated older alpha lover while evacuating the home they were sharing during what would become the largest wildfire in California’s history.

In the midst of the trauma of the evacuation and just days before the arrival of Christmas, Willow decided she was also going to permanently “evacuate" their  relationship, in cloak of mystery. Reed found himself left alone to evade the encroaching flames and biting ashes without her by his side.

A few weeks later, Reed was able to return to the beloved ash covered house they shared for those six, romantic, and erotic filled months. It proved to be as dreadful as it was traumatic. The home felt as abandoned as Reed did.

Follow Reed, as he writes, perhaps his best novel to date, as the Phoenix rises from the ashes of that fateful fire…

about chris hoover

Christopher Hoover is a multi-faceted author who published his first Sci-Fi Fantasy Novel “Imagine Freedom” on January 1, 2012. “Freedom Lives”, the sequel, was published two years later. These novels feature Reed Allen, a former Navy Seal turned Firemen, who authors a best selling novel, called “Imagine Freedom” It’s about a Freedom Fighter commander who battles the New World Order in an epic battle that almost catapults the planet into WW III.

On January 20, 2018, Christopher Hoover also co-authored and released “How We Got Trumped”. This was his first non-fiction book. It tracks the past 60 years of our history detailing how we got “From Kennedy to Chaos”.

In the midst of the most horrific fire in California’s history, Christopher brought “Reed Allen” out of the ashes and back to life, when he authored his first Erotic Romance novel, “Willow’s Whisper’s.

While writing his most controversial book to date, Reed Allen becomes the Phoenix while rising out of the ashes of that unforgiving fire.

Outside of Christopher’s writing ventures, he is a social activist, and an outdoor enthusiast. He spends his free time white water rafting, surf kayaking, and traveling to remote places like Costa Rica, where he got the inspiration for his first two novels.


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